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Seven Sustainability Questions with Dr. Shaden Al Shalman, Head, Department of World Languages. 

By Faris Doughan, class of 2024

Sunday 28th of February, 11:35 am




Q:  How do you model environmental responsibility in your sustainable lifestyle.

A: The environment is very important in my life. I care about planting and the environment. I like to plant seeds and fruits in my own garden as it is healthier and has no chemicals. I separate recyclable materials in my house. Any extras I produce I donate. I give my newspapers to people who use it.

I don’t like to use chemical cleaning materials.

I don’t like to use ammonia, I like to use vinegar and other natural cleaners. I compost my extra organic waste



Q: How do you take care of your health especially now with COVID? And how do you model sustainable community building?


A: I care a lot about naturally improving my immunity. I drink hot drinks and ones full of vitamin C. I cook for myself. When I get visitors, I make sure that they are healthy. I always sanitize and wear my mask. When I go to crowded places like markets, I go in the morning to avoid the rush. I deliver to avoid contact. There are few family gatherings.

Q: How do you educate for sustainability?

A: I teach Arabic. When our class analyzes texts, we sometimes do texts about the environment and sustainability. In my contemporary studies, we take problems in Jordan, and we try to find solutions to these problems like for example the water problem. We talk about these problems and their importance. We also talk a lot about addiction and chemical dependency problems and self-health in our community

Q: What message would you send to the community?

A: We all invest in this beautiful nature, and it gives back threefold.

When we help our environment, it benefits us. When we destroy it, bad things will happen. We need to take care of our environment. One of the benefits of covid is how our natural environment thrived when people went inside. I think it should not be necessary for a global catastrophe to happen for us to gain knowledge and be wary of the problems surrounding our environment

Seven Sustainability Questions with

Ms Khaila Al Sawalha

Q: How do you model environmental responsibility in their sustainable lifestyle?

A: I recycle a lot without incentives. I collect plastic, paper, glass, metal and drop them off either in cosmo or recycling bins. I discovered a place in Madaba that sends my stuff to the recycling centre. I do some composting but I don’t have a lot of space. I personalize my flower pots. I don't waste water by watching the amount of water I use in the shower. I try to upcycle and recycle extra waste and water

How do you take care of their health especially now with COVID.? 

A: My lifestyle is healthy. I work out, I wake up early, I eat healthy: eggs, salads, fruits, and veggies. I drink a lot of water. I do yoga. I alternate low and high-intensity exercises.

I deal with my built-up stress and anxiety.

Q: How do you model sustainable community building. How do you educate for sustainability?

I believe actions speak louder than words. I do my best to show people the benefits of exercising and the benefits of eating healthy. I like to lead by example and I believe it has more impact than just lecturing people. Doing this raises motivation and inspiration. If you just tell them, they might not be inspired. Whereas if they see the benefits, it will be good for them

Q: Why is this important for you?

A healthy lifestyle is important. When I skip my workouts, I feel physically drained. I felt that exercising and drinking water every day gave me energy. It allowed me to be focused. I'm disciplined and this was a habit that formed easily for me, but it might not be so easy for others. So seeing its benefits in other people can be helpful for them

Q: What message would you to the community?

I'd like to tell them to be gentle to themselves. We have different resources and use them, to the best of our abilities. Be mindful. If you have a surplus, share it with other people