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Sustainable Economy ideas

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Sustainable Cultures and Societies:


Any examples of the below (but not limited to):

  • How do you maintain a healthy mind body and soul during COVID 19?

  • Healthy, Mindful, and Sustainable Diet

  • Sustainable Fashion

  • Increasing Mindfulness

  • Honoring Traditional and Cultural Wisdom to Create a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Nurturing Mindfulness and Personal Growth

  • Respect Cultural Traditions that Support Human Dignity

  • Reconnect to Nature and Embrace Low-impact Lifestyle

  • Empower Participatory Leadership and Good Governors

  • Reconnect to Nature and Embrace Low-impact Lifestyle

  • Celebrate Life and Diversity Through Art

  • Ensure Equal and Lifelong Access to Holistic Education and Healthcare

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Sustainable Ecology:


Any examples of the below (but not limited to):

  • Energy Efficient and Green Architecture

  • Renewable Energy Design

  • Growing your own Food

  • Making your own Compost

  • Saving Water/ Energy

  • Saving Food

  • Minimum and Zero Waste

  • Increase Biodiversity and Regenerate Ecosystems

  • Learn from Nature and Practice Biomimicry 

  • Clean and Replenish Sources and Cycles of Water

  • Work with Waste as a Valuable Resource

  • Urban Design Patterns for a Sustainable Future

  • Healthy and sustainable diet

  • Digestive system health and/or microbiome

  • Freedom from chemical dependency

  • Nervous systems

  •  The endocrine system

  • Virology and viruses

  • Environmental impact on behavior

  • How to improve mental health, etc. 

Sustainable Businesses

  • Cultivating Social Entrepreneurship to Create Sustainable Solutions and Wealth Opportunities

  • Invest in Fair Trade and Ethical Systems of Exchange

  • Empower and Strengthen Local Economies

  • Encourage Ecotourism

  • Support Eco-Friendly and recycled Products 

  • Sustainable Long-Lasting Financial Planning 

  • Local agritourism businesses. 

  • Support equestrians, animal and bird shelters, as well many botanical gardens in cities.

  • Design open and safe spaces.

  • Encouraging the use of land for agriculture and permaculture in cities and homes, especially that many.

  • Support the opening of cycling shops and outdoor gym businesses.

  • Environmental and sustainability NGO’s startup model

  • Open air cinema business

  • Open outdoor gyms

Recommendations for

Shops & Factories

  • Tax concessions on scrap and recycled material.

  • Promote innovation in energy and material efficiency.

  • Promote innovation to make bioplastics

  • Set codes and laws for factories and importuning companies to collect the containers of the used products they make, import and sell and design a waste management system.

  • Significantly cut down on waste

  • Encourage second hand shops, and a sustainable fashion industry.

  • Encourage trade of goods and services as an alternative to only financial capital exchange

  • Set limits on paper consumption in schools and offices and resort to e-books and E-services and E-receipts

Training Programs

  • Generate sources of income, improve wellness and gain skills, and support the environment on the long run.

  • Make channels, educational series, documentaries, and social media platforms to educate and raise awareness about sustainability

  • More technical and skill-based schooling.

Greening Businesses and homes


  • Install energy saving lights

  • Innovate to reduce the carbon footprint in electrical and industrial fields.

  • Sell electrical goods to re-license them to be fixed and upgraded. This is the new cradle-to-cradle circular economy recommendation for the technical cycle to mirror the biological cycle.

  • Remove excessive packaging of vegetables and fruits in farmer’s markets. This would also reduce the cost of making and buying the packaging, and the overall cost of the items, as well as cut down on plastic waste. Replace with eco-friendly packaging, with a limit to reduce the cutting of trees.

  • Design a tax system reduction to encourage renewable energy and green architecture; Sanctions on companies, organizations, factories and cars that fail to comply by environmental responsibility laws.