Sustainable Cultures & Societies

How will you choose to share your own unique gifts with the world?

How will you play your part in this global symphony of transformative innovation?

How will you serve your self, your community and the planet?

How will you contribute to the emergence of diverse regenerative cultures everywhere?

How will you make a difference in the place and the community you live in?

How will you turn your life into a gift from life to the rest of life?


GEN Sustainable Culture Design Cards


GEN Sustainable Societies Design Cards

Envisioning a Sustainable Society 
 (Reproduced from Meadows et al., 2005, pp.273–274)

  • Sustainability, efficiency, sufficiency, equity, beauty, and community as the highest social values.

  • Material sufficiency and security for all. Therefore, by individual choice as well as communal norms, low birth rates and stable populations.

  • Work that dignifies people instead of demeaning them. Some way of providing incentives for people to give their best to society and to be rewarded for doing so, while ensuring that everybody will be provided for sufficiently under any circumstances.

  • Leaders who are honest, respectful, intelligent, humble, and more interested in doing their jobs than in keeping their jobs, more interested in serving society than winning elections.

  • An economy that is a means, not an end, one that serves the welfare of the environment, rather than vice versa.

  • Efficient, renewable energy systems.

  • Efficient, close-loop material systems.

  • Technical design that reduces emissions and waste to a minimum, and social agreement not to produce emissions or waste that technology and nature can’t handle.

  • Regenerative agriculture that builds soils, uses natural mechanisms to restore nutrients and control pests, and produce abundant, uncontaminated food.

  • The preservation of ecosystems in their variety, with human cultures living in harmony with those ecosystems; therefore, high diversity of both nature and culture, and human appreciation for that diversity.

  • Flexibility, innovation (social as well as technical), and intellectual challenge. A flourishing of science, a continuous enlargement of human knowledge.

  • Greater understanding of whole systems as an essential part of each person’s education.

  • Decentralization of economic power, political influence, and scientific expertise.

  • Political structures that permit a balance between short-term and long-term considerations; some way of exerting political pressure now on behalf of our grandchildren.

  • High-level skills on the part of citizens and government in the arts of non-violent conflict resolution.

  • Media that reflect the world’s diversity and at the same time unite cultures with relevant, accurate, timely, unbiased, and intelligent information, presented in its historic and whole-systems context.

  • Reasons for living and for thinking well of ourselves that do not involve the accumulation of material things.


Personal and collective visions of a healthier future

Long-term sustainability is possible only if more and more people become fully conscious of our individual and collective creative powers and assume responsibility for their own participation in the process of sustainability, through cooperation with their local community and the wider community of life. Awareness of our fundamental inter-connectedness and interdependence with all of life invites us to understand that we cannot maintain the health of individuals, communities, or societies without maintaining the health of ecosystems and the planet as a whole.

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GEN Whole Systems Design Cards

The process of envisioning and then collectively and collaboratively manifesting a better future for our communities and for all of humanity and the wider community of life is not a process that will ever stop. Nor will any worldview or perspective, however enlightened it might be, will ever be final. We are part of a vast transforming process of Universe unfolding around us, in us and through us. Dynamics of change and transformation are at the core of life’s evolutionary journey into novelty. Our remarkable human gift is that we are life and that we are the universe becoming conscious of its own evolution, and in doing so we can consciously and responsibly choose a healthier future for all of life.