Earth Day 22 April 2021

This April 22 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, which was first celebrated in 1970 to raise awareness about environmental issues. Since its founding, people around the globe have honored the Earth and supported environmental initiatives on this day.

Take this time as an opportunity to celebrate with these Earth Day activities that you can do at home!

Every Day is Earth Day 

What can you do starting today?

body 2.jpg

Take a walk (while social distancing) and discover native plants, flora and Funa.

Natural Herbs

Learn Green Chemistry to Start Sustainable Businesses 

Use Eco-Friendly materials 

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Nature Runs on low energy: Invest in Low energy and renewable energy design

Water Foam

Save water and 

keep the waters clean with Eco-friendly products

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Let nature inspire you: learn Biomimicry 

and Biomimetic Design

Field of Flowers

Start a nature photography Journal 

Woman Standing on Field

Nurture mindfulness 

Spread peace and harmony towards Earth and its inhabitants

Dried Oranges

Rethink food scraps and learn to make your own compost here

Working Coffee

Learn how to green Businesses & how to practice circular economy 

Eagle Flying

Increase Biodiversity and learn about non-human living things

Fallen Apples

Plant a garden or add some green to your space


Save Earth's resources by avoiding extraction  and loss of ecosystems 

Grilled Vegetables

Learn how to cook healthy and start a cook book!

Learn food nutrition

Lady's Bike

Raise awareness for Earth care, people care and fair share