With permamove it is still possible to reconnect with your friends in person and to engage with a community, even during COVID19!

We provide a selection of local community-based activities that connect people together in safe and healthy ways.

Click below to find out more. 

Cooking activities

Hiking activities

Biking activities

Outdoor yoga 

Outdoor Painting activities

Outdoor exhibitions

Learn how to plant and grow food forests

Permaculture courses

Build swales for water catchment

Build Eco homes for a local community


Take part in discussions to design ethical futures

Exchange knowledge, poetry, art and music

Play music by the bonfire 

Make organic compost

Make useful materials: finding wealth in waste

Open air cinema events

Stay at a local Eco-refuge 

Book a local swimming pool 

Make Eco-friendly products

Nature clean up events

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Nutritional Cooking
Spa and Beauty Products
Teacher Helping Student Playing Violin
Image by 贝莉儿 DANIST
Urban Street Art
Cleaning the Beach
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