Welcome to 2021 KA Sustainability Fair!

What to expect ...
The vision for the 2021 Sustainability fair is to model a bird-eye view of what makes a sustainable lifestyle possible, beginning with observing nature, mimicking it in the urban design of neighbourhoods and cities that catch water, follow a healthy urban metabolism that relies on renewable energy and cradle to cradle design, practices green chemistry, generates sustainable business and economy ideas, and finally zooms in to individual's lives to give people the right to a better, happier and healthy sustainable lifestyle experience.
Please go ahead and start exploring a sustainable way of living ....Thank you for being here, we hope you enjoy the content!
Grade 9 physics (class of 2024) designed a neighbourhood base map concept that is good for birds is also good for people, with 50% space for humans and 50% for nature.  
Their vision provides community, health, economic, and ecological benefits while modelling environmentally responsible, sustainable design. 
They then designed thermally insulated buildings with passive heating and cooling, which allow natural light in and provide calming benefits.
They followed biomimetic design concepts that meet a futuristic look for the next1000 years ahead. 
Aerial View of a Suburb
birds on campus.png
Picturesque Neighborhood
Neighborhood Cafe
Community Garden
Dandelion Parachute Seed

Biomimetic Wind Turbine Design by Grade 9 Physics, class of 2024

Image by Tyler Casey
The first step to mimicking nature is observing.  Enjoy a collage of nature photos by photography class
GPS Installation
Downhill Road
Coastal Street
water drainage.png
Designing a socially responsible Restaurant by class of 2025
Restaurant Vibes
Urban Neighbourhood
Woman Working from Home
Explore a Beautiful Neighbourhood Vision for Alley, Lebanon, by Ziad El Hout, class 2023
Reusable Shopping Bag
Empty Prayer Room

How playing a musical instrument makes us happy, smarter, and healthier! 

1. ''Strengthens bonds with others. 

2. Strengthens memory and reading skills. The Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University states this is because music and reading are related via common neural and cognitive mechanisms.

3. Playing music makes you happy. McMaster University discovered that babies who took interactive music classes displayed better early communication skills. They also smiled more.

4. Musicians can process multiple things at once. As mentioned above, this is because playing music forces you to process multiple senses at once. This can lead to superior multisensory skills.

5. Music increases blood flow in your brain. Studies have found that short bursts of musical training increase the blood flow to the left hemisphere of the brain. That can be helpful when you need a burst of energy. Skip the energy drink and jam for 30 minutes.

6. Music helps the brain recover. Motor control improved in everyday activities with stroke patients.

7. Music reduces stress and depression. A study of cancer patients found that listening to and playing music reduced anxiety. Another study revealed that music therapy lowered levels of depression and anxiety.

8. Musical training strengthens the brain's executive function. Executive function covers critical tasks like processing and retaining information, controlling behavior, making decisions, and problem solving. If strengthened, you can boost your ability to live. Musical training can improve and strengthen executive functioning in both children and adults''.

Piano Note
Click below to enjoy and explore composed notes by students in Ms. Carolyn's class, who have proved their ability to be resilient through practicing music. 
1. Video by C block
2. Video by B block
3. Video by H block  
Swiss Chard
Food Blogger
Woman with Paper Mask
Plant in a Glass Bottle
Scientific Research and health tips by chemistry 401 class, 2021
Yoga by the Ocean
TV Screens
Grapefruit and Vitamins
Enjoying Nature
AP Studio Art Project:
From Ocean Plastic Waste to shoes, Project by Fanar Dirzi, class of 2021
People Cheering

‘’How Neighbourhoods Feed and Make money: Feeding Neighbourhoods & Neighbourhood economy’’
Below are possible sustainable neighbourhood business ideas that are:

+Environmentally friendly 
+Beneficial to the people (wellness, health, builds communities and strengthens them, and/ or allows for community participation)
+Generates wealth in more than one type, including financial capital, living capital, cultural capital, experiential capital, intellectual capital, spiritual capital, social capital, material capital.



Zero Waste Store
Colleagues Working Together
Paper Waste
Spa and Beauty Products
Woman at Farmers Market
Homework Help
Male Fashion Designer
Domestic Waste Bin
Sunset on the Desert
Click on the posters below to explore behavioural economics projects, by Mr. Sarhan's J term class
Day 10_ Sketchnotes (Feb 25, 2021 at 12_
Man Hiking in Nature
Hands in the Soil
Cracked Earth
Polluted Water
Water Quality Chemistry 401 Project, By Lama & Jeeda, class of 2022
Plastic Polluted Ocean
Art Gallery

Every Day Earth Day ...

This April 22 marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, which was first celebrated in 1970 to raise awareness about environmental issues. Since its founding, people around the globe have honored the Earth and supported environmental initiatives on this day.

Take this time as an opportunity to celebrate with these Earth Day activities that you can do at home!

Things you can do starting 22. April .2021

body 2.jpg

Take a walk and discover native plants, flora and Funa.

Working Coffee

Learn how to green Businesses & how to practice circular economy 

Water Foam

Save water and 

keep the waters clean with Eco-friendly products


Save Earth's resources by avoiding extraction  and loss of ecosystems 

Woman Standing on Field

Nurture mindfulness 

Spread peace and harmony towards Earth and its inhabitants

Dried Oranges

Rethink food scraps and learn to make your own compost here

earth renwable.jfif

Nature Runs on low energy: Invest in Low energy and renewable energy design

Fallen Apples

Plant a garden or add some green to your space

Field of Flowers

Start a nature photography Journal 

Lady's Bike

Raise awareness for Earth care, people care and fair share

Natural Herbs

Learn Green Chemistry to Start Sustainable Businesses 

Use Eco-Friendly materials 

Eagle Flying

Increase Biodiversity and learn about non-human living things

bio archi.jpg

Let nature inspire you: learn Biomimicry 

and Biomimetic Design

Grilled Vegetables

Learn how to cook healthy and start a cook book!

Learn food nutrition

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The Environment & Sustainability Club & Ms. Dana would like to thank you for looking after each other and after our lovely planet! 
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Pink Blossom

Thank you!

KA's Enviornment& Sustainability Club