A Virtual and Timeless Sustainability Fair!!  

Dear King's Academy Faculty and Students,

This is an opportunity for us to build a regenerative future together! 

We are dedicating this page to celebrate your projects, recommended reads, recommended activities and visual arts on our website!


What work counts? 

Any work at this point school projects aim to serve humanity, the economy, and the ecology! 

If you created sustainable solutions to current challenges
 project from any subject that you have worked on hard and feel that it would help us in our daily lives 


How Do I  share?

Get Creative!

 You can submit a video of your project or a written format of it, 

a journal,

or a visual art piece.

 They will be soon presented on the website! 

Send us a link to email below 

Helpful Tip: To easily submit videos, drag the video onto a Google Drive account and 

simply share it with the email above!