2020 Sustainability Fair Theme: 

How do we Heal Ourselves and The Planet? 

The nature of this theme is interdisciplinary. Any subject and discipline, academic or non-academic, can relate to it. 

How is your project going to be:

  • good for the people?

  • good for the environment?

  • good for the economy?


To find examples where biomimetic functions from nature are evident:  visit asknature.org  

Prompts using Sustainability Design Goals & Life Principles 

  • Integrate the unexpected
  • Use readily available materials and energy
  • Cultivate cooperative relationships
  • Adapt to changing conditions
  • Replicate strategies that work 
  • Use low energy processes
  • Fit form to function
  • Integrate and optimize strategies 
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  • Evolve to survive 

  • build from bottom-up

  • interconnected and interdependent 

  • nurture mindfulness and personal growth

  • maintain integrity through self-renewal 

  • celebrate life and diversity through art 

  • create conditions conducive to life 

  • Reconnect to nature and embrace low impact lifestyles

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  • Find Strength, weaknesses and leverage points in all areas

  • Self-organize

  • Replicate strategies that work

  • integrate development with growth

  • use low energy processes

  • work with waste as a valuable resource

  • learn from nature and practice whole systems thinking 

  • Increase Biodiversity and regenerate ecosystems

  • Integrate the unexpected

  • Adapt to changing conditions

  • Cultivate cooperative relationships

  • Incorporate diversity 

  • Be locally attuned and responsive 

  • Use multifunctional design 

  • Move towards 100% renewable energies 

  • Be resource efficient (Material and Energy)

  • Recycle all materials

  • Embody resilience through variation, redundancy, and decentralization 

  • Use readily available materials and energy 

  • Clean and replenish sources and cycles of water 

  • Innovate and spread green building technologies 

  • Ensure equal and lifelong access to holistic education and health care

  • Develop, effective and accountable institutions 

  • Build networks and alliances for mutual support across all divides 

  • Embrace diversity and build thriving communities 

  • honor traditional wisdom while integrating positive innovation

  • identify the appropriate scale for efficient solutions

  • practice conflict facilitation, communication, and peacebuilding skills 

  • engage actively to protect communities and nature 

  • connect to a higher purpose in life 

  • respect cultural traditions that support human dignity 

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tree planet.jpg
  • Invest in fair trade and ethical systems of exchange

  • Generate well being for all through economic justice

  • Engage all stakeholders in designs for the future

  • Reconstruct the concepts of wealth, work and progress

  • ensure equitable ownership of land and resources 

  • empower participatory leadership and good governance

  • cultivate responsive, inclusive and transparent decision-making

  • Grow food and soils through organic agriculture

  • Empower and strengthen local economies

  • Cultivate social entrepreneurship to create sustainable solutions

  • Incorporate diversity