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 2021 Sustainability Fair

King's Academy, Jordan  &  featuring Punahou School, Hawaii, USA  

Join us on

Earth day 

 22nd of April 2021 - 23 April  2021.

Sustainability is “The possibility that human and other life will flourish on the planet forever”, you are the creators of hope!


Our vision: changing the way that we design our world so that our lives, cities, homes, products, and organizations can be more resilient and regenerative.


What kind of projects falls under sustainability? 


Simply put, whether it is a personal  initiative or any form of innovation project that shows evidence for: 

  • care for the people

  • care for the environment and planet

  • generates wealth, health, and well-being for all 

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  • 3-5 min video (voice-over of your work with visuals)

  • A podcast 

  • A poster 

  • A 3D model with a video or a poster to explain it

  • An advertisement

  • Interview

  • An article in a magazine when you are being interviewed about this topic. 

Acceptable Format of Projects

(any of the following)


When to submit Work?

  1. 1st Draft: by the 1st. April. 2021

  2. You will receive suggestions/ comments to allow you to make any necessary improvements.

Will we be having an in-person Sustainability Fair?

​Depending on the nature of the projects received, and the situation on campus, we may hold an in person sustainability fair, late March to Early April.